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One Brigham Circle

Tova Speter

One Brigham Circle
Tova Speter is an artist, art therapist, art educator, and arts consultant based at Gorse Mill Studios in Needham, MA. In her current work, she utilizes found wood as a conduit for an exploration of the energy found within. The grain serves as her guide on a journey into the lines, shapes, and flow of the composition of the wood. In transforming the pieces of scrap wood (that others thought as nothing more than trash) into works of art highlighting each piece's natural greatness, she hopes to share the idea that everything has an inherent beauty that will shine through when the time is taken to look at it from a new perspective.
Tova is constantly involved in working on a number of projects including teaching art workshops, consulting with community organizations, and engaging various communities in creating murals. She works with people of all ages and abilities, in a range of settings, and utilizes a number of different modalities and materials. Her work has been exhibited in local businesses, independent galleries, and Open Studios since 2003; and her mural projects (over 50!) have been empowering communities since 2005 both in the greater Boston area and internationally in Argentina, China, Panama, and Israel.

Tova welcomes any comments and/or inquiries about her work and would really appreciate any donations of scrap wood that you might otherwise think to throw away. You can also follow her on instagram @tovaspeter

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