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South Bay- Wall One

Ella MacVeagh

South Bay- Wall One


Ella MacVeagh was born and raised in Brookline, MA. She attended Hamilton College, where she received degrees in Neuroscience and Studio Art. In her art, Ella likes to explore the kind, inquisitive nature of cows and sheep. She works hard to capture the simple unfiltered love these animals have for the world around them. Ella also likes to think of these animals as representations of the feminine entity and the ways our culture uses femininity for consumerism. In a more positive interpretation, Ella draws a parallel between a herd of cows and a group of people: with the herd there is implicit power and safety, and this can represent the power we as humans can find when we stand together for a common cause.

Ella tends to flip-flop between two styles: abstract and flat vs. impressionist and textured. In one, the artist's hand is very present; in the other, it is eliminated. Above all else, Ella loves to work with bold and bright colors. She makes art for the joy that it brings her, and hopes that her work might bring a little more joy into the world.

Her T-shirts can be purchased here and you can see more of Ella's work on Instagram: @nightwalkexclusive

updated: 9 months ago