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  1. Boston & Brookline
    1. Boylston Street open today at 2PM
    2. Charles Street open now until 11PM
    3. Coolidge Corner open today at noon
    4. Jamaica Plain open now until 11PM
    5. Mission Hill open now until 11PM
    6. Newbury Street open today at 2PM
    7. South Bay open today at noon
    8. West Broadway open today at noon
    9. West Roxbury open now until 10PM
  2. Cambridge & Somerville
    1. Assembly Row open now until 10PM
    2. Davis Square open today at noon
    3. Harvard Square open now until 11PM
  3. Newton & Wellesley
    1. Newton Centre open now until 11PM
    2. Wellesley Square open now until 11PM
  4. Andover, Lynnfield & Dedham
    1. Andover open today at noon
    2. Legacy Place open now until 10PM
    3. MarketStreet open today at noon
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Wellesley Square

Keara Mcaffie

Wellesley Square

Keara McHaffie

Keara McHaffie is a freshman at Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she will be majoring in painting. She graduated from Walnut Hill School for the Arts in 2020. While attending Walnut Hill she fell in love with numerous mediums but painting always stood out the most. Having fun, experimenting, and learning new ideas through a vibrant process is what helps make her artwork uniquely stand out. See more of her work on Instagram at @kearas.art

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