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  1. Boston & Brookline
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    4. Jamaica Plain open now until 11PM
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    9. West Roxbury open now until 10PM
  2. Cambridge & Somerville
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    3. Harvard Square open now until 10PM
  3. Newton & Wellesley
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  4. Andover, Lynnfield & Dedham
    1. Andover not open
    2. Legacy Place not open
    3. MarketStreet not open
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About our featured flavors:

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

Tart, fresh grapefruit juice with a touch of sugar.

Chocolate (Coconut)

Our dairy-free coconut base blended with rich cocoa powder.


This purple root vegetable is a staple in Filipino cuisine and tastes like a combo of vanilla and nutty pistachio. We added coconut for a gentle, sweet twist.


Used as commonly in Southeast Asia as Vanilla is used in the states, this bright green, naturally sweet plant is used for sweetening everything from savory meals to desserts.

Mint Chip (Oat)

Our dairy free oat ice cream with peppermint and chocolate chips.

Cookies 'n' Cream

Low fat hard yogurt loaded with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies hand-stirred in.