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  1. Boston & Brookline
    1. Boylston Street open now until midnight
    2. Charles Street open now until 11PM
    3. Coolidge Corner open now until 11PM
    4. Jamaica Plain open now until midnight
    5. Mission Hill open now until 11PM
    6. Newbury Street open now until 10PM
    7. South Bay open now until 10:30PM
    8. South Boston open now until 11PM
    9. West Roxbury open now until 10PM
  2. Cambridge & Somerville
    1. Assembly Row open now until 11PM
    2. Davis Square open now until 11PM
    3. Harvard Square open now until 11PM
  3. Newton & Wellesley
    1. Newton Centre open now until 10:30PM
    2. Wellesley Square open now until 10PM
  4. Andover, Lynnfield & Dedham
    1. Andover open now until 10PM
    2. Legacy Place open now until 11PM
    3. MarketStreet open now until 10PM
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South Boston

Fernando Fula

South Boston

Boston-born, as a child Fernando Fula began his creative journey when he first discovered a pencil and his first response was to draw. Drawing throughout his childhood and teenage years, Fernando Fula did not begin painting until taking a Color Theory class at the age of 21. This class was the starting point of abandoning graphite sketching and devoting all his time to mastering acrylic painting. Fernando Fula’s style changes as quickly as the speed that he paints, never satisfied once a painting is finished. Fernando Fula believes we must create today for tomorrow will never come.

Find me on Instagram @Fernando.fula

updated: 3 months ago