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  1. Boston & Brookline
    1. Boylston Street open today at noon
    2. Charles Street open today at 11AM
    3. Coolidge Corner open today at 11AM
    4. Jamaica Plain open today at 7AM
    5. Mission Hill open today at 8:30AM
    6. Newbury Street open today at noon
    7. South Bay open today at noon
    8. West Broadway open today at 1PM
    9. West Roxbury open today at 9AM
  2. Cambridge & Somerville
    1. Assembly Row open today at 10AM
    2. Davis Square open today at 11AM
    3. Harvard Square open today at 9AM
  3. Newton & Wellesley
    1. Newton Centre open today at 11AM
    2. Wellesley Square open today at 11AM
  4. Andover, Lynnfield & Dedham
    1. Andover open today at noon
    2. Legacy Place open today at 10AM
    3. MarketStreet open today at 11AM
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Schmear It Is!

Introducing....Everything Bagel Ice Cream! The perfect combination of a sweet and savory treat. Sweet cream ice cream, everything bagel seasoning (yes, including the garlic!), plus chunks of actual everything bagels. We love it! Come in and give it a try for a limited time!

updated: 6 days ago

Everything Bagel Scones

Our bakery team got in on the Everything Bagel fun too! All the flavors of an everything bagel folded into a savory scone. Pair it with a cup of our freshly brewed coffee for breakfast or an anytime of the day treat!

updated: 6 days ago

New England Living Features J.P. Licks

Did you catch J.P. Licks on New England Living on WBZ? Host Rachel Holt & team visited J.P. Licks this winter and now that ice cream season has (officially) arrived, you can see some behind the scenes action! Watch here - We were so inspired by their visit we created a brand new flavor - Boston Cream Pie Ice Cream! We're done scooping the flavor for now but hope to bring it back soon!

updated: 6 days ago

Sweet and Salty Treats

We love sweet but we also love salty so we bring you the new Salted Caramel Pretzel Sundae (vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, whipped cream, and pretzel pieces), a Salted Caramel Frappe, and a Salted Caramel Latte. Your tastes buds will thank you!

updated: 2 months ago

Blue Man Group Art For Sale in Two Stores

Blue Man Group makes more than just theater on stage every night! They also create spin art and as part of our partnership with BMG, we are selling their original pieces in our Boylston Street and Wellesley Centre locations! All proceeds from the sales will go to support the youth programming at Actors' Shakespeare Project so stop in and get your one of a kind artwork and support Boston's artist community!

updated: 2 months ago

Salted Caramel Cookies 'n' Cream Pie In Stock

It has been years since we've had an instock pie so we're thrilled to introduce the brand new Salted Caramel Cookies 'n' Cream Pie to our line up of desserts! Salted Caramel Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream in a homemade Oreo® crust with a bottom layer of fudge and decorated with a fudge drizzle and caramel whipped cream. You can pick one up in store or order online. Dig in!

updated: 3 months ago

Waffle Sundaes

A toasted waffle, vanilla ice cream, homemade hot fudge, strawberries, and whipped cream! Available in all stores and an absolutely delightful way to enjoy your breakfast and dessert together.

updated: 2 months ago

Homemade Hot Fudge Bottles In Store

Our Homemade Hot Fudge is now available to take home in glass bottles. These make great gifts for the ice cream and chocolate lovers on your list this season - plus grab one for yourself! Keep these bottle refrigerated, our fudge contains dairy!

updated: 5 months ago

Castle Island Brewing On Radio Boston

Castle Island Brewing founder Adam Ramanow visited WBUR 90.9 FM last week for a discussion of the state of craft beer in Massachusetts...and how we make ice cream and beer in the hopes of helping to make people happy! Give a listen (especially at the 13 minute mark 😉)

Our Salted Caramel Infused Coffee Ice Cream, inspired by Castle Island Brewing's Crooked Cow Prints Beer is available in all 17 of our stores now. Their beer is available in their taprooms and your local liquor store.

updated: 7 months ago

Limited Time - Caramel Apple Sundae

Enjoy this very seasonal treat - vanilla ice cream (or substitute any other flavor, including our dairy free options), warm spiced apple topping, caramel, and whipped cream. Dig in!

updated: 8 months ago

You Voted Us Number 1!

It's official, you love J.P. Licks! In response to's poll asking you for your favorite ice cream places, 22% of you said J.P. Licks! We're so thrilled to still be able to serve you delicious ice cream, 41 years after first opening our doors in Jamaica Plain. We promise to keep scooping up the classics and bringing you refreshing new flavors to thrill your tastebuds and we will continue to be a good neighbor in all our locations. So come on in because we have one more question - cup or cone?

updated: 12 months ago

Looking for Vegetarian & Vegan Options? We got you.

"World of Vegan" has put together a list of the best places in Boston to find vegan and vegetarian options to satisfy every tastebud, from sweet to salty. J.P. Licks is here with vegan ice cream flavors which rotate every few weeks so you can enjoy chocolate one week and salty caramel the next. If you have an idea for a gluten free, dairy free, vegan flavor you'd like us to experiment with, send us an email! In them meantime, read more here.

updated: 1 year ago