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Sunday, March 17, 2019

St Patricks Hunt For The Gold!

Around Boston

March 11-17 Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for instruction and clues on how to find hidden gold bars around Boston that have free ice cream rewards!
Each Gold Bar has $20 value for purchases at J.P. Licks!

Tuesday's Clue: Not Found Yet!
Looking for music, comedy, or shows?
Well this Davis Square location knows
How to serve you a drink
No matter what you think.
Head downstairs to the right for your nightly entertainment dose.
(if you figure it out, check the hours so you stop by when they are open! One gold bar available at this location. Remember to take a selfie of yourself with the gold bar and tag J.P. Licks and the location where you found it!)
Wednesday's Clue: FOUND at Polka Dog Bakery!
When you walk through the door, your best friend will wag
Get outside right away and play tag
They deserve all the treats
And for that they will seats
Come to MarketStreet and grab that good boy some swag!
If you figure it out, head into the store and ask the folks behind the counter for the J.P. Licks Gold Bar. Take a selfie with it, tag us and where you found it and then post away! (and share your winnings with your best friend)
Thursday's Clue: FOUND at Newbury Comics!
If Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard went to MIT
this would be their place to read and plan the next Star Wars movie to see.
You can get Rick and Morty Socks or a Vinyl that rocks, while Unicorn hats and Hufflepuff beanies line the aisle.
To find the gold, walk through Harvard Yard and look for the guy with two weird eyes and a devious smile.
Friday's Clue: Found at Lush, Newbury Street!
You're running down Newbury Street in a total rush
You tell your dry skin to just hush
But stop in here for some care
Also products for your hair
Everything in here smells so good, homemade products from ________
If you know where the gold bar is hidden, head in and ask for it at the counter, then take a selfie and tag us and the place where you found the bar. Only one bar available so hurry out there!
Saturday's Clue: Not Found Yet!
Last chance to win $20 in JPL treats! Here is today's clue:
The leprechauns and bands will be marching down the street
It's where everyone wearing green white and orange meet.
Claddagh rings and everything green, it's filled with Southie Pride
There's not a more genuine place for a bar of gold to hide
Get your knit koozie for your guinness, and a genuine Scally Cap
Then cross the street and grab yourself a Mint Irish Lace Frappe.
Remember, only one available! Take a selfie with the box and tag us and where you find it. Good luck!

St Patricks Hunt For The Gold

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