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Newbury Street

Sumeya Ali

Newbury Street

As a community, we need to become more critical of the art we consume. We are constantly surrounded by art, from paintings, to graffiti to music; while it is easy to dismiss art, it is also just as easy to ignore the messages artists are trying to send us through their work. Through my own art, I aim to share personal experiences - the lessons I have learned and the pain I have endured. By returning to the simplicity of colors, I create environments where a viewer can both find themselves and lose themselves. Colors like peach and pink, which I use consistently in my art,  urge you to reach out and feel the warmth. Cooler tones like blues and purples generate a sense of space, but also detachment. This allows me to explore the natural ways that color communicates feelings to us. Ultimately, I am a student of the visual language of art on the path to becoming fluent. My mission is to take others along this path with me  - to help them discover what art means to them.

See more of my work on Instagram @creationsbysu

updated: 3 months ago