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Legacy Place

Ink By Olivia

Legacy Place

Rise and Shine by Ink by Olivia

I'm Olivia, a 22-year-old artist from outside Boston, Massachusetts. Ink By Olivia is a collection of drawings inspired by my everyday life and my love of adventure, nature, antiques, and things around us that hold so much detail and beauty, but are often overlooked. I started my Instagram page in the winter of 2018 to document my progress designing and inking a Medusa skateboard deck, but it turned into much more when I started creating one drawing per day to challenge and practice my skills. My page has grown so quickly and it brings me so much joy to hear from my followers all around the world about how my drawings give them something to look forward to and the motivation to take just one step every day to attain their goals.

I always had an early love for art as a little girl when painting, crafting paper, writing short stories, or tap dancing. In my first semester of college, I came across Micron pens and became fascinated by artworks of other ink artists. I gave the pens a try and love the convenience of them, allowing me to draw anywhere when inspiration hits, as well as the amount of detail they bring with the different pen sizes.

Besides drawing, you can find me writing short stories and poems, hiking, cruising around in my VW Bus, skateboarding, and experimenting with new recipes.

updated: 3 months ago