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  1. Boston & Brookline
    1. Boylston Street open now until midnight
    2. Charles Street open now until 11PM
    3. Coolidge Corner open now until 11PM
    4. Jamaica Plain open now until midnight
    5. Mission Hill open now until 11PM
    6. Newbury Street open now until 10PM
    7. South Bay open now until 10:30PM
    8. South Boston open now until 11PM
    9. West Roxbury open now until 10PM
  2. Cambridge & Somerville
    1. Assembly Row open now until 11PM
    2. Davis Square open now until 11PM
    3. Harvard Square open now until midnight
  3. Newton & Wellesley
    1. Newton Centre open now until 10:30PM
    2. Wellesley Square open now until 10PM
  4. Andover, Lynnfield & Dedham
    1. Andover, MA - Now Open! open now until 10PM
    2. Legacy Place open now until 11PM
    3. MarketStreet open now until 10PM
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Legacy Place

Sarah Deckro

Legacy Place

"Lone Worshiper"

Sarah Deckro is a writer, teacher and photographer with a passion for stories. She received a bachelor’s degree in history from Connecticut College and has studied storytelling in a variety of venues. Sarah is a preschool teacher in Boston, MA, where she works to support the development of self-esteem and empathy in young children.

Sarah’s photographs have appeared in Pidgeonholes, The Esthetic Apostle, Camas Magazine, Arkana Magazine, Waxwing, The Bookends Review, and A Room of Her Own Foundation. Her poetry has been published by Persephone’s Daughters, Francis House, Gordon Square Review, Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal, Curating Alexandria, Fearsome Critters, Red Earth Review and the anthologies “An Outbreak of Peace” and “Dreamers Anthology.”

See more of Sarah's work here and follow her on Instagram @sarahjoy_art_poetry.

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