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Davis Square

Mason Osorio, Draw Out Life

Davis Square

"Glitched", Mason Osorio

I am a student currently studying illustration and graphic design at Bunker Hill Community College. I also work part time as a freelance artist and as an ice cream maker for J.P. Licks. I've been with J.P. Licks for more than three years and I'm honored to be the first featured artist to also work on the production staff. My work is usually described as vibrant, contrasted, and clean. I pride myself on my ability to adapt my style and workflow depending on the task at hand. I work hard to expand my skills in multiple fields including logo design, graphic design, illustration, animation, photography, videography, and traditional art. My background in traditional mediums complements my graphic design skills but I am always open to learn and discover new ways to explore my creativity and continuously grow as a creator.

For the first time, my art is available as prints online. Visit me on Instagram @drawoutlife or email me at drawoutlife.mason@gmail.com

updated: 4 months ago