Cakes and Pies
Special Orders

All cakes on this page are in stock (in sizes listed) at your local J.P. Licks store, and can be personalized while you wait. If you crave a different combination or size, we make special orders from any flavors we have with 72 hours notice.

All our cakes are hand-packed with love - not machine made - which means you get a denser, heavier cake. It's higher quality, and a good value!

Now, we are excited to announce that you may order cakes online!

All cakes in sizes pictured here are available for two hour pickup - look here
for many more options!



Cookies 'n' Cake Batter Surprise

Oreo Vanilla Yogurt

Cookies 'n' Cream/Vanilla Yogurt


Cookies 'n' Cream



Oreo Ganache

Chocolate Covered Cookies 'n' Cream

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip (Gluten Free!)


Brownie Layer Cake

Coffee Oreo

Coffee Cookies 'n' Cream

Oreo Pie

Cookies 'n' Cream Pie




Cow Spot Cake

Cow Spot Cake

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