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South Bay Center

Jamie Kendrioski and Boston Arts Academy

South Bay Center

An Ohio native and now big fan of his new home, Jamaica Plain, Jamie paints with oil on canvas, almost always starting a piece without knowing what will emerge. He find the most joy and relaxation in mixing colors, moving the paint around on the canvas and watching forms come into being. This marks Jamie's second time showing at J.P. Licks - one of his pieces was formerly seen at the Newton Centre location.

Also appearing at South Bay are 16 students in the Junior Visual and Theater Arts classes from the Boston Arts Academy with their show, "Beyond the Surface". While their school in Fenway is rebuilt, BAA students will learn in a Dorchester School. The students do not have a gallery space there and will be showing their work here instead. This year, they display surreal self portraits.

Featured artists include Samil Battenfeld, Khalil Coates, Lisbeth Diaz, Taalib Dibinga, Tatiana Leiva, Dandre Matthews, Leilai Ortiz, Paola Ortiz, Prinz Perez, Natalia Reyes, Taina Sanchez, Alvaro Sanders, Miguel Sheppard, Daiha Siguenza, Elijah White

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