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Jamaica Plain

James Reis

A Jamaica Plain resident through 2017, James Reis expanded his love of nature photography at the Arnold Arboretum.  Like the rest of JP, the Arboretum is a diverse tapestry that comes together and creates a whole, and offers enchanting microenvironments that invite even closer inspection.  Read more about his Arboretum work at:

James draws his Arboretum connection from his love of Sunday morning trips with his father to a pond in Ohio. Now living in Princeton, James and his wife Jeanne honor that tradition and spend many weekend hours roaming the 281 acres of the Arboretum that whisper, sparkle, and fascinate amid the surrounding Boston neighborhoods.  Currently, James is also photographing nature in central Massachusetts, and in Hawaii and most recently, Ireland.  Visit his website at:

Painting of Owl
photo of forest canopy
painting of tiles
photo of detail of tree bark

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