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Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain

Secrets Sleeping

Ladders and Light
Recent Paintings
by Dawn Nelson  

Ladders and Light is a collection of recent paintings by Jamaica Plain Artist Dawn Nelson. In these paintings, Dawn is responding to the current discord in our country and our world. She sees the ladders that have been appearing in her paintings over the past several years as being her subconscious attempt to try to climb out of our challenges and troubles, aiming to find the light at the other end of all of this. Dawn Nelson is an artist and retired art teacher who has lived in Jamaica Plain since the late 1970’s. She taught Art at Weston Middle School from 1984 to 2015. For the past 11 years, she has also had a studio in North Adams, MA. She has exhibited extensively in Massachusetts, and has been an exhibiting artist in Jamaica Plain Open Studios since it’s beginning.  

For more info:www.dawnnelson.org

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