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South Bay- Wall One

Jessica Jihea Kim

South Bay- Wall One

Jessica Jihea Kim Artist Statement

I grew up in Seoul and currently live and work in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York. In my work, I attempt

to recognize my hidden character, enhance understanding of my reality, and express my interpretations of the

world around me. My paintings seek to provide a sense of calm through the abstraction of radiating light.

Many of us spend time fixated on the idea of ‘being healed’ by exploring a hobby, or by finding something or

someone that they are drawn to. I use paintings as a means of expressing myself and of self-knowledge. My

paintings are crafted with the intention of providing a sense of calm through including abstractions of

radiating light as a signifier of the generalized human experience of beauty. The definition of beauty of course

varies from individual to individual, as does the kinds of things that help with healing. I believe there is a

general sense of beauty and/or the sublime in natural experience, particularly when alluding to the undersea


My paintings focus on natural phenomenon we experience ranging from flowers in bloom to organic life at the

bottom of the ocean. My abstractions are completed in the mind of the viewer, triggering their memory of past


The subtle movement of the canvas and the viewer's ever changing perspective transformed as they move

through and around the installation simulates the actual experience of being in a garden or under the sea,

unlike a 21st-century virtual experience of the same or the type of limited static experience when viewing a

traditional abstraction like Monet’s water lilies.

I draw upon the happy nature in my inner world and the 'nature of imagination' in a comfortable manner. I

want to create the scene that comes to mind without physically being in front of nature. My work can be

sculpture or painting. My works titled 'Garden' and 'Ocean' are living things. The artwork seeks to provoke a

major encounter. I want to create a work that does not have a limit that is one-dimensional and twodimensional.

The composition of the substance of the work does not change at all, only its state changes the


The definition of beauty varies from person to person, as does what triggers healing, yet we all share a general

sense of the possibility for sublime experiences of nature. Building on my admiration for Impressionist

painters, I believe that artistic representations of nature can comfort and heal the heart. By creating a body of

paintings that foster self-discovery, I hope to capture the joyful mood and momentary feelings I experience in

nature in a way that is accessible to viewers.

updated: 4 months ago