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West Roxbury

Layane Smith

Artist a woman in a black shirt jeans and barefoot with long black hair leaning on a painting of a bird in front of a wall of colorful paintings of a wolf a leopard a fox and more that are slightly out of view

Layane Smith

Artist Statement

“As an artist, my goal is to impress on people the beauty of living in the present moment and the importance of taking chances. When people see my work, I hope they feel compelled to take risks that make life beautiful, exciting, and worth living.”

Layane Smith was born and raised in Brazil. As a child, she always enjoyed drawing, creating and being surrounded by nature. Layane didn’t start painting until early adulthood, but it was clear to her early on this was both a passion and innate skill. She began by taking classes in the big cities of Brazil, where she developed and fine-tuned her skills, and within six months was teaching beginners painting lessons to those back in her hometown. After her move to the United States, Layane continued her art education and broadened her skills, and has now been painting for over 20 years. Most recently, Layane enrolled at Milan Art Institute to complete the Art Mastery Program. A life changing and rewarding experience, she plans to implement all she has learned in future pieces and collections.

Running has also become a big part of Layane’s life, finishing her first ever marathon this past year. She uses this time to be at peace with herself, and is always finding inspiration for her next piece, just being out in nature. “Running provides me with an opportunity for self-reflection, as well as allowing me to appreciate and connect with the amazing world around us. I really want to express that connection in my art.” She hopes that her artwork encourages people to live a more fulfilling and connected life; and that it inspires people to find happiness in the little things. Layane currently resides in Carver, MA a small town located on the south shore of Massachusetts. When she is not painting, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, walking the beach, and running the cranberry bogs. She is presently working out of her studio, also located in Carver MA, which is open year round. Layane is continuously working on new collections of paintings and intends to be represented by several galleries in the near future.

To see more, visit Layane's website.  

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