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Sundaes, Splits & Other Treats

For November, try a
Butterscotch Sundae!

Build Your Own Sundae

Choose your flavors then top it off with your choice of two wet toppings & one dry topping for your own sundae creation!

Brownie Sundae

Create a custom sundae piled on top of a warm brownie - Yum!

Banana Split

Unlike most ice cream parlors, the banana splits here are just the way you like them - you get to choose everything! Pick three of your favorite flavors of ice cream, then three wet toppings and one dry. (We’ll pick the banana for you - perfectly ripe!)

Featured Sundae

What can we say? We're a creative bunch, and are always coming up with a new sundae, usually every month!

New! Lixwiches

We fill our fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies with vanilla ice cream for an new-fashioned treat. Available in 4-packs or singles.


Chocolate or vanilla, these cupcakes are freshly baked in our JP kitchen, generously frosted and usually decorated with the colors of the season.

of the Month
Butterscotch Sundae
Sweet Cream ice cream with our home made caramel sauce, whipped cream and walnuts!


chip Caramel Apple Cider
Enjoy a cozy hot apple cider with a sweet touch of caramel!


Pumpkin Spice Latte
Delicious espresso with steamed milk and a shot of pumpkin spice.


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