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J.P. Licks Coffee Selection


Nicaragua El Recreo - $13.49

A clean, good bodied cup, with a nice sweetness and great aroma.


Organic Mild Blend - $13.49   

A pleasant, crisp blend, lightly roasted.

Organic Mexico - $13.49   

A milder roast, crisp, clean and smooth

Decaf Mexico - $13.99 

Wonderfully bright and crisp - our favorite decaf.

Costa Rica - $12.99

Decaf Costa Rica - $13.99  

Slightly tangy with a bit of sweetness, a very nicely balanced coffee with medium body.


Organic Bali "Blue Moon"- $13.49   

A very smooth Indonesian coffee, with lots of chocolate notes and a slight hint of anise. Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Organic Peru - $13.49   

Fair Trade and organically grown, a medium body with a nice fruity acidity.

Colombia "Alma Del Cafe"- $12.99

The perfect Colombian! This coffee is very smooth, with notes of chocolate and a low acidity. From our friends in Jardin, Colombia, expertly grown and processed.

House Blend - $12.99

A well balanced blend of Latin American and Indonesian coffees, medium-bodied and mellow.

Organic Honduras "Marcala"- $13.49   

Fair Trade and organically grown, a smooth chocolate start, a creamy nuttiness, with sweet honey and lemon tones.

Fair Trade Organic Guatemala "Huehuetenango"   - $12.99

Good acidity with deep body and a hint of smokiness.

Organic D.R. Congo - $13.49  

Unusually fruity, with notes of sweet peach, tangerine and raw sugar.

Decaf Mayan Blend - $14.49   

The soul-mate to our signature Peru - nice full body with well-balanced brightness, just a bit floral. Now you can enjoy this anytime!

Nicaragua "El Recreo" - $13.49 

Rainforest Alliance, a superb coffee with nice balance, medium body and the most pleasing fragrance.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - $13.49 

A deep, full-bodied and slightly wild flavor, with a lemon and peach overtone.



Organic Sumatra Mandheling - $13.49   

Fair Trade - Earthy, herbal and spicy, heavy bodied and full of exotic flavor.

Decaf Sumatra - $14.49 

The same rich, earthy fullness as regular Sumatra.

Kilimanjaro Blend - $14.49  

A blend of coffees from Kenya, Tanzania and Guatemala, nearly French roasted. Deep, smooth flavor with softer "bite" than our Dark Roast.

Dark Roast - $12.99

A blend of coffees from Brazil, Nicaragua and Sumatra, deep-roasted for maximum flavor.


Decaf Espresso - $14.49  

Our special blend of Latin American decaf beans, taken to a full French roast


Espresso Roast - $12.99

Our darkest roast, very full bodied and a caramel like sweetness with just a bit of acidity.

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